Mutants and Masterminds: Of Capes and Men

Vol. 1 - Issue 1

Cat and Mouse

It’s a cold night in San DIego. Recent police reports have surfaced of a new vigilante in the streets leaving a trail of death behind him in his crusade of justice. The police can’t catch him, but The Faceless Man can.

Our story begins at the docks. The police have arrived to arrest smugglers recently taken down by the new vigilante. After the scene is clear, The Faceless Man moves in. As he enters the warehouse he begins to see the nights events play through his head.

A man in a grey hoodie rapidly approaches one of the smugglers on lookout, and enters the warehouse. Bullets rip through the sky, and through the warehouse, as the hooded man rushes around the room. Before the smugglers can reload, the man rushes between them, dropping them in a rapid succession of kicks and punches. After every body has hit the floor, the man leaves.

The Faceless Man follows the visions trail along the coast, and through town, eventually stopping at the Doyle Community Park. The hooded man enters the restrooms. After a few moments, he emerges without his disguise.

The vision stops once The Faceless Man hears whispers behind him. He notices two men speaking in an unfamiliar language in the bushes. The Faceless Man slips behind the foliage to evade the attention of the hidden men. As the men get up from the bushes the man in the hood arrives and tackles one of the men to the ground as he begins to pull a gun from his pocket.

The man in the hood wrestles the gun free from one of the attackers as The Faceless Man launches a net-round from his revolver, trapping the other. The hooded man knocks his assailant over the head with the butt of the pistol, but quickly realizes that the remaining thug has wiggled free and is attempting to escape.

Just as the escaping thug is taken to the ground by the man in the hood, he activates a switch at his side, and a feint tone can be heard. The man in the hood flees as The Faceless Man investigates the tone. At the thugs side, he finds a small metallic tube with a single red flashing button at its top. He places the tube in an evidence bag just as four thugs on motorcycles round the corner towards the park.

The man in the hood flanks the thugs as they hop off of their bikes and aim their rifles. One instantly drops in pain as a bullet from The Faceless Man’s revolver shreds through his shoulder. Another is quickly subdued with a wooden baton to the neck by the hooded man.

After the remaining two are dealt with, The Faceless Man calls out to the man in the hood. The man rushes him with great speed and trips him as he extends his baton to the length of a staff. The Faceless Man fires back in retaliation, but is unable to land a hit. The man in the hood laughs and walks away. The Faceless Man attempts to retrace the steps of the thugs with his amulet, but when he envisions the thugs approaching a black van his mind is shocked with pain as his visions fill with black smoke.

Sirens can be heard in the distance as The Faceless Man leaves the scene, dragging one of the unconscious thugs behind him. When the thug awakes he is chained to a chair under under a bridge. The Faceless Man interrogates him, but before he can learn anything a strange light emerges from the eyes and mouth of the thug. The thug sits lifeless in the chair. The only thing The Faceless Man learns is that someone is after his amulet.

After returning home, the man in the hood (Samuel Oak) continues his normal habits of playing video games and smoking grass. After a few hours he decides to go get Chinese food. While he’s away, The Faceless Man breaks into his apartment and attempts to discern his identity. After discovered his alter ego, he leaves a note on Sam’s laptop with detailed instructions of when and where to meet him.

Sam returns home to find the note. He spends the next day in paranoia. After calming down he decides to give the meeting a go. Meanwhile, The Faceless Man, with the help of his friend Gimmick, attempts to find the intent of the strange beeping tube from the park. They discover that it is a tracking beacon. Gimmick sends a drone to retrieve the beacon for further analysis.

Sam and The Faceless Man meet in a poorly lit alley. The Faceless Man clear the water with Sam, and reveals that he has no ill intent, and would very much like to establish a friendship. He extends the offer to get coffee, then walks away. Sam, reluctant, follows The Faceless Man to a nearby coffee shop.

The two discuss the idea of teaming up to track down whoever is after The Faceless Man’s amulet. After coming to an agreement they notice two large men in suits walk into the shop. They take opposite positions by the entrance, and stand with their arms folded. A few moments later a slender man in a dark suit and hat walks in. As he enters he turns to The Faceless Man, and gives him a smile. He then finds a table across the room.

The Faceless Man joins the stranger at the table while Sam sizes up the men at the door. The Faceless Man begins to mimic the actions of the stranger, but quickly stops when the man brings up business. The stranger reveals that he works for a man that is interested in purchasing The Faceless Man’s amulet. The Faceless Man cracks a joke about requiring the powers of Captain Thunder, at which point the stranger grabs his hat and exits the shop. As he walks through the doorway he whispers to his men, “Kill them all”.

Without hesitation, Sam runs towards the door. He hurls his baton at one man, as he throws a punch at the other. The two men drop to the ground. The Faceless Man and Sam each grab one of the men and drag them out of the shop.

While the two tow the men down the street, one begins to wake up. Sam sees the man’s eyes turn black, and a thick smoke begins to fall from his mouth and nostrils. The Faceless Man and Sam leap back in shock as the two men stand up and begin to attack. Sam snaps the neck of one with his baton, as The Faceless Man fills the other’s head with lead. The two men fall to the ground as a large cloud of smoke leaves their body, returning their eyes to normal.

The smoke clears as Sam and The Faceless Man stand in disbelief.


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